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Terms & Conditions

1. Indoor Play Terms and Conditions
By visiting this website you agree that you consent to and are bound by the following terms and conditions:

Purchasing a ticket is acceptance of our rules of play and the following terms and conditions:

Booking a party is acceptance of our rules of play and the following terms and conditions:

To book a party a £50 non refundable deposit is required at the time of booking, if a party is cancelled with at least 24 hours notice no refund will be given, but the party can be re-arranged for another date convenient to both parties.

Balance due 2 weeks prior to party date,no balances can be refunded, but may be rescheduled to a future date.

No refunds are given for any children that fail to attend, however please only pay for confirmed numbers 2-3 more can be paid for on the day.

Minimum of 10 children includes the birthday child, to be paid for (not applicable to under 5’s party, and min. 6 for Make-a-soft-toy).

Only 1 parent per child is included in the party, any additional adults will need to be paid for at £2.50 each.

Only food or drink purchased on DJ’s premises is to be consumed other than the cake for your party.

Birthday cakes cannot be brought onto the premises unless a party has been booked with DJ’s.

For exclusive hire parties see separate private hire terms and conditions.

Booking procedure:

1. 2 weeks before your party you will recieve an email to pay your final balance online and confirm numbers (we understand these are still subject to change so please let us know in advance if the numbers for your party increase so we can ensure there is sufficient staff and that the tables are set up and the correct amount of food is prepared).

2. Please tell us of any food allergies at the time of paying balance and if Parent’s Platters or high chairs required.

3. If you have more party children on the day than originally paid for, we require these to be paid for along with any DJ’s Café tab at the end of the party. Any extra siblings, play entry will be added to the party bill.

4. Party tables are reserved, the party room is not available for 2 hours, only for the Party food.

5. DJ’s cannot guarantee a particular party room when booking, this will be allocated at a later date and is subject to change without notice.

Party Parent Responsibilities:

8. The party parent/guests to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the party.

9. The party parent and guests are responsible for all children and should make sure the children are aware of the rules of play, by law children are to be supervised by 1 parent/guardian per 8 children.

10. Presents are the property of parents, please keep your belongings with you at all times.

11. The party parent should make sure all children are dressed appropriately and wear socks.

12. The party parent will provide cake and candles (No Firework candles/Cake Fountains or sparklers are permitted - Candles are not allowed to be blown out) and may bring extra balloons, napkins, party tableware or party bags - No decorations/blue tack/pins are permitted on the walls of the party rooms as this may cause damage.

13. The party parent will ensure that all children are collected by their parents/guardians, that the party room is vacated on time at the end of the party and that all guests safely leave the building.

14. If you have any feedback/complaints please report to your party host who can hopefully resolve this is there is an issue that cannot be solved report to manager and in the event that the issue cannot be dealt with by the manager they will escalate the issue to the owner for resolution.

The party host will:

15. Reserve tables in the play centre, greet your party parents/guests and assist with presents.

16. Provide unlimited jugs of squash/water throughout the party.

17. Take food choices, if hot food option and bring food to the party room.

18. Not be responsible for, or entertain the children.

19. Assist with the birthday cake and candles (these cannot be blown out).

20.Provide a balloon to each child and take any outstanding balance/party tab.

Food Options:

Party Menu Hot food option for up to 20 party children (£1 extra per child).

Not available on Make-a-Soft-Toy, Laser or Go Kart Parties, due to the time taken on extra activity.

• Chicken Nuggets • Cod Bites • Quron Nuggets (Vegan) Served with chips and peas and sweetcorn and ice cream for dessert.

OR cold food with ice cream for dessert:

• Variety of sandwiches • Crisps • Carrot/Cucumber Sticks • Biscuits

Gluten Free or Vegetarian alternatives can be pre-ordered, for allergens please ask for advice.

Laser Tag Party Safety Rules:

Information to parent hosts of laser party participants:

DJ’s Play will accept no liability for any injury caused to any persons during the party.

The parent party host must ensure the Health & Safety of everyone present at all times and that all guests adhere to the rules at all times.

Participant must follow the instructions of the laser party host.

Please ensure that all guests that participate in the laser games have no medical condition that may cause them harm. Laser tag is a game that requires physical exertion and is not suitable for anyone wearing a pace-maker or similar device. Asthmatics, epileptic, those who have poor eye sight, high blood pressure, back or neck problems or are pregnant MUST advise a member of staff PRIOR to their game.

Asthmatics are advised to bring their inhaler – without this they may not be permitted to play.

General DJ’s Play ‘Rules of play’ apply in addition to the following.

Please note, due to Health & Safety of all your guests, we will request all guests not participating in the Laser games to observe from seating areas furthest away from the play area where the games will commence.

No person under the age of 5 may participate in Laser tag games. Age 5 must be assisted by an adult.

No physical contact is permitted.

No running is permitted.

No abusive language is permitted.