Important news: Play entry prices are going up as of 1st April 2016:

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Price list

£7.00 Hot Drink Deal – Sibling stays same at £4.00 (under 5’s Mon-Fri 10am-2pm term time only)

£7.00 Drama Llamas

Membership first child £115, second sibling £105, third sibling £95.

Childminder morning £6.00 (Childminder with certificate of registration Thu 10am-12pm term time only)

This is one months notice.
Please understand our reasons :
Our play entry prices have not been raised for 4 years.
We have had a rent review and our costs have increased dramatically.
In April the Government’s new National Living Wage will become law.
We are still competitively priced versus the competition.
Membership can be bought at existing prices for the month of March!
Party prices and Loyalty cards will remain the same and therefore better value!
And we still do half price play entry after 3pm Mon-Thu term time!

Any queries, please message or email

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